I have been interested in photography for many years, covering all subjects in both colour and B&W, initially using transparency film before becoming an early adopter of digital photography.

I have been a great admirer of Ansel Adams' photography for some time now, although after seeing an exhibition of his work at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, I was hooked and became determined to try to reproduce his look and feel using digital technologies.

I spent a considerable amount of time refining digital pre- and post-processing techniques, which many years working in the IT industry equipped me to grapple with, enabling me to bring out the detail hidden in the shadows whilst retaining the highlights and introduce atmosphere and mood. I sometimes utilise HDR techniques to this end, although I am tending to do this less and less.

I particularly like large, atmospheric landscapes with plenty of dramatic clouds and subtle blends of light & shade. The Lake District is one of my favourite places, and helped by a recent IT contract in the southern Lakes I managed to accumulate plenty of raw material to work on.

I have a few sets of travel images that I will be uploading in the near future, hopefully with my trademark 'deep mono' processing style, so I hope that they will be unlike the usual touristy snaps. I will be uploading sets from Venice, Florence, Santorini and Iceland, along with some shots taken at the abandoned crofters village on the Scottish island of Rona.

Living at the edge of the Peak District also enables me to capture dramatic scenery closer to home.

I have a penchant for the quirky, the mysterious and the bizarre and found a fantastic outlet for all this in Highgate Cemetery in North London.

After many years of trying out dozens of different photographic hosting sites, I have finally settled on Zenfolio which is easy to set up and configure. If you wish to try it out, you can use the following code for a 10% discount: 8X6-DT1-SQX

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]